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Hand Tool SalesLooking for used or new hand tools? We have tool deals that are hard to pass up.

If you are a homeowner, auto mechanic, construction worker, in a skilled trade or a handyman, we have used, new and replacement hand tools at great prices.

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Tool expenses can cut into your profits. You can still buy quality tools at a lesser price here at HandTools2.com

How Much is it Worth?

So you’re looking for a deal on a tool. Why not look around on HandTools2.com or Craigslist or Ebay and see what is available before buying a new tool…

But if you buy a used tool from one of these sites, how do you know if you are not overpaying?

First, we must tell you that there is a difference between used and refurbished. Used is just that, used. Previously owned and used by someone else and now they are either done with the tool or have replaced it with a new one. Refurbished on the other hand means that the used tool has been thoroughly looked over and reconditioned back to a “like new” condition. In some cases, refurbished is better than new because the tool has been inspected as opposed to new tools which go from assembly line to a box to a store shelf.

Now, to find out if the used tool you have found online is worth the asking price.

  1. Get the exact model number of the item
  2. Find out if all original pieces are included and intact including the operating manual. A missing operating manual can be used as a bargaining chip to get a few dollars of the asking price.
  3. Go to Ebay to see if anyone is selling the exact make and model tool you are researching. A good indicator of a fair price is if there are bids on the exact tool you are looking for. No bids on the tool can mean that it is either over priced or the listing is too new to have had any bids yet.  Use Ebay’s SORT and select “Time: Ending Soonest”. Ebay also has a link above your listings named SOLD LISTINGS so you can see what others have sold for.
  4. If you cannot find your tool on Ebay, look in tool forums and ask questions.